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Copyright Law

All the articles and the content that we publish in our website go under website law. You can't download legally any photo/picture because this content belongs to Students Who Care Organisation and only. Even if our members provide us content, they accept our copyrights laws. In this point we have to say that we don't steel their ideas. They just provide us their copyrights and that's why we put their signature under every article that they write. Down bellow is our content policy that every member has to accept is order to provide us his content:

I understand that my account's information are secured and encrypted. Nobody can have access to them except the support team of SWCareOrg which is powered by IBNetworks Corporation Ltd. services.

I accept that any file/content/idea that I uploaded on this submission form redirects automatically to the articles team of SWCare in order to be verified for speech issues. After we check it, a team's member will contact you to inform what changes we may did at your project to tell us if you agree or not.

It's important to understand that every content that we publish goes under copyright laws. Nobody can download the whole project because we want to protect you or/and our other members that provide us nice ideas.

When we publish it, this project doesn't belongs to the creator but to the whole community as it's free to be viewed by everyone. Though, your signature is at the end of the article/idea/contant.

If you try to download photos you will reject from the system. We respect our providers! As for the general copyright article that every visitor accepts when accepts cookies policy is:

You accept that this content belongs to Students Who Care Organisation and his members that has their signature under his article. Of course you can't copy any photo. Based on international copyright law, if you want to download a photo you have to request it by contacting us from HERE.

You can copy and share any article that you want. You can post it on your social media accounts without be out of our legal limits. At least, everything on the internet is free for everyone so we don't have to hide something. Anything is our, is yours too but if the creator don't give us rights to publish then we protect is as we want to publish our articles the sooner is possible. But you are free to share anything you want including the photos instead.

There will be some social media competitions. This competitions are for taking advantage of other users' ideas too who aren't subscribed members and because we believe in any contact that we can do with our supporters. The selected articles must be reviewed again from their creators, and then their creators have to accept the copyright terms.

Above is our policy of how we accept the external content, the copyrights and the terms & conditions of our services

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